• Vitalik Buterin’s Girlfriend?

    Many of us know Vitalik Buterin as the Ethereum founder and crypto wonderboy, but how many of us really know the person behind one of this decade’s most innovative blockchain technologies? At just 23 years old, Vitalik garners heavy interests in the technology space. The former editor of Bitcoin Magazine and Thiel Fellow is estimated […] More

  • The Big Bang Theory Must Watch Bitcoin Episode

    Bitcoin+Big Bang Theory TV’s most popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, is planning to base an entire episode on Bitcoin! The Big Bang Theory is the longest running sitcom that features Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper who are roommates and physicists at Caltech along with their pals, Penny, the across the hall neighbor ,who is a […] More

  • Bitcoin’s Next Hurdle: Handicap Accessibility

    Just now, there is a new project in the works to get Satoshi Nakamoto’s written Bitcoin essay made available in Braille for the handicap. The project has been going on for nearly a week, its funding is nearly complete and almost made ready to the general public. This is all thanks to the ambition and […] More

  • How to Buy Bitcoin in Vietnam

    Vietnam, a country that holds nearly 90 million people, is the third largest country in Asia. It’s also exciting to learn that there exists Bitcoin presence! Take a look at Vietnam’s 3 biggest platforms to buy Bitcoin. More

  • CEO of Fidelity has mined over 200,000 Satoshi’s!

    It’s no wonder why BTC is now worth over $4000 – big companies are jumping on the bandwagon! In TechCrunch’s annual conference, the CEO of Fidelity, Abigail Johnson spoke to the viewing audience regarding her opinions on Cryptocurrencies. She revealed that she is a HUGE supporter of cryptocurrencies and that she herself has mined over […] More

  • What Crypto Advocates Don’t Want You To Know About Bitcoin

    If you’re new to the Bitcoin world, it is an exciting time to witness all the latest news and innovation that comes out every day. It has so much potential to change today’s behavior in consumerism and what we think about money! There is a lot of room to learn as well as a lot […] More

  • Kevin Durant Talks Bitcoin

    Most of us know of Kevin Durant as the 2017 NBA Finals MVP of the Golden State Warriors, but how well do any of us know him as tech VC and blockchain enthusiast? Kevin Durant is the leading investor in The Durant Company, with over 30 investments to date. His recent talk with his partner […] More

  • Mining for Bitcoin Now More Popular than Arms and Drug Dealing in Russia

    Cryptocurrencies are breaking trends and records faster than any other technology in recent years! First, it started with disrupting currency when Satoshi first created Bitcoin back in 2009. It was so revolutionary at the time that nobody would imagine that it could take off. Who would imagine that one form of currency could change the […] More

  • China is banking BIG on Fake News – Here’s Why

    Fear, uncertainty, and doubt can get many to behave irrationally. It could be increased consumption of a certain food product, increased lotion or oils for face or body, a crazy new fad that will help “boost” your health, or even purchased defenses like firearms, bomb shelters, and knives. Establishing fear, unfortunately, is a huge marketing […] More

  • The Most Incredible Article about ICO Scams You’ll Ever Read

    ICO, otherwise known as “initial coin offering” is when a new cryptocurrency is live for trading to the general public. It has been the popular source of startup money for new businesses and nearly a new Initial Coin Offering is announced every day! ICOs is essentially ownership or rights to a project but in a […] More

  • How Bitcoin Has Disrupted Every Central Bank

    What are crypto currencies? What is Bitcoin? In short, Bitcoin is an electronic currency with a finite and defined money supply that uses an open ledger on a global, decentralized network. This means all transactions that occur are public and confirmed on a network of “mines” and “nodes”. This network – or blockchain – of […] More

  • The Rise of the Crypto Revolutionary “Big 3” (Part 3: Ripple)

    What is Ripple? Ripple is essentially a purer form of Bitcoin. Virtually nothing in between a buyer/seller or a contract. It’s going back to basics to when 2 people would trade goods that would be light speed and can be done virtually anywhere. To quote Ripple’s chief Cryptographer David Schwarts, “Payment systems today are where […] More

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