The Big Bang Theory Must Watch Bitcoin Episode

Bitcoin+Big Bang Theory

TV’s most popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, is planning to base an entire episode on Bitcoin! The Big Bang Theory is the longest running sitcom that features Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper who are roommates and physicists at Caltech along with their pals, Penny, the across the hall neighbor ,who is a waitress and aspiriting actor, and Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali, the pals of Sheldon and Leonard. The show revolves around geek culture amongst socially awkward friends that is contrasted for comic relief by Penny’s common sense and social skills.

Big Bang Theory Bitcoin

Now in its 11th season, the 7th episode will be called “The Bitcoin Entanglement”, and will be a must watch that would likely feature one of the beloved characters (Raj perhaps) discovering an old hard drive that has over 50 Bitcoins from 2013! Now that Bitcoin is worth over $7000, he would parade amongst his friends with a huge surge of confidence describing the countless possibilities he can do with his new wealth. Hopefully, the show will go further into this new confidence and strikes lightening multiple times by

  1. Dating a super model
  2. Having Mark Zuckerberg in his knees begging for a partnership
  3. Being treated like a prince in his surrounding

Of course, the twist by the end of the episode is forgetting the password, thus losing access to his 50 Bitcoins, his super model, his future partnership, and his prince status. Oh Raj…

Recent Bitcoin News

With rapid news regarding Bitcoin’s cancellation of Segwit2x, insane growth (and decline), and the future of Bitcoin, the digital currency is now making huge strides to the mainstream markets, and is a force that will soon be unstoppable.

The upcoming episode will air November 30th, 2017 on the CBS network.

Will more exposure increase the price of Bitcoin? Or do you think this show will miss the point and is only leveraging off its massive success? Let us know.


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