Bitcoin’s Next Hurdle: Handicap Accessibility

Just now, there is a new project in the works to get Satoshi Nakamoto’s written Bitcoin essay made available in Braille for the handicap. The project has been going on for nearly a week, its funding is nearly complete and almost made ready to the general public. This is all thanks to the ambition and generosity of the Bitcoin community.

Right now, the visually impaired have an incredibly difficult time learning and being involved in Bitcoin. The solution was then to create a project that would translate Satoshi’s original piece into Braille, which is a unique writing tool to guide for the handicap. Satoshi’s white paper has been translated into many languages, yet there hasn’t been anything written in Braille. On top of this project, the creator is working on building a project where all the visually impaired can receive and distribute more important documents written in Braille.

Adam Newbold knew this project would be beneficial to the community and revealed his model stating “the cost to creating tactile graphics is similar to the cost of print, and should, therefore have presence on white paper”

Bitcoin hidden barrier: ‘Accessibility for the blind ’

After completing the Braille project, we spoke with founder Craig McGee, an advocate for blind BTC traders, his purpose in this project. He states that while Bitcoin is revolutionary, it still has many hurdles it needs to overcome, one being accessibility for the disabled. In fact, ALL wallets and software are not handicap friendly what so ever – which is a shame because having this will only strengthen the reputation of cryptocurrency.

“The next step for BTC is accessibility.” Mr. Mcgee explains to us. While handicap, he has managed to create new methods to mine, to trade, and to “hodl” Bitcoin.

How Mcgee pushes through with BTC

Mr. McGee explains user difficulty for the blind really depends on the wallet. He currently, uses a special wallet for his needs. He likes to send messages to multiple addresses, but there is still a huge platform restriction that tailors his preference. He wishes for the community to change this policy.

“Right now, transactions are as easy as hitting a button to buy, sell, and send”. This is absolutely phenomenal progress towards accessibility and usability, but it needs more work. He wishes for copies to be in Braille, and provide sites that can read out text.

“I fear developers just don’t think about accessibility for disabled people 99 percent of the time, and that won’t change,”

Do you think that Bitcoin should make new advancements for the blind? Is there a way to make trading BTC accessible for the handicap? Should every piece of Bitcoin copy be made in Braille? Let us know in the comments below.

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