CEO of Fidelity has mined over 200,000 Satoshi’s!

It’s no wonder why BTC is now worth over $4000 – big companies are jumping on the bandwagon! In TechCrunch’s annual conference, the CEO of Fidelity, Abigail Johnson spoke to the viewing audience regarding her opinions on Cryptocurrencies. She revealed that she is a HUGE supporter of cryptocurrencies and that she herself has mined over 200,000 Satoshi’s herself! This is a huge win for the cryptocurrency community!

To add further to her speech, she also announced that her company, Fidelity has a small operations team in charge of mining Bitcoin, trying new wallets, and even experimenting on innovations to further augment cryptocurrency! Talk about progressive – this may be the most heavily invested company that sees the future with Bitcoin. Fidelity Investments now manages over $2.3 trillion in assets and the CEO is optimistic about its growth. Johnson has reported that she has also made several investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies that can see big changes. Fidelity has also been working on adding cryptocurrency classes to leading universities.

Here are some of the universities that may teach Crypto

  • MIT
  • Stanford
  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • California Institute of Technology
  • UC Berkeley
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Pennsylvania

Can you imagine what could be taught at these schools? It makes us wonder that if schools are going to be turned into mining farms – will this change the general public on how they feel about cryptocurrencies?

Companies/Countries against Cryptocurrencies


For those in the cryptocurrency space, you’ve probably witnessed an emotional rollercoaster ride of a month! First, it was China with its scare to ban cryptocurrencies. The impact alone dropped BTC down a whopping $200! Many influencers and advocates of the community grew very concerned with this news, and speculations about the future of BTC were off the wall! People were truly nervous that governments demanded control over this currency and would push the agenda of a non-neutral internet environment!

Thankfully, the people stood their ground, continued mining and continued talks on how to further grow BTC. The result for China was a huge bluff and many have speculated that the government intentionally impacted the price of BTC in order to get in on the action. With the announcement of not setting the ban, BTC’s price bounced back $200, and everyone caught a nice breath of relief.

James Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan Chase)

There’s nothing that smells worse than blatant greed. James Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase sent the cryptocurrency group in a frenzy when he viciously attacked Bitcoin. During his latest interview with Bloomberg, he stated how worthless Bitcoin mainly because “it is unregulated”. He also made the claim that plenty of hackers will invade this space – and millions would be lost! Essentially he applied a “FUD” strategy, which is spread fear in order to gain.

With this strategy, not only were his announcements powerful enough to impact the price of BTC, there were wild speculations that JP Morgan was in on the action themselves. Similar to Fidelity, JP Morgan also has a team that studies cryptocurrencies, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see if they were heavily mining. This FUD strategy impacted the price to $100 while the China conspiracy was still floating around! This drop truly scared investors.

So with this roller coaster news whirlwind, we are incredibly happy to see more and more supporters expressing their thoughts towards cryptocurrency. Most recently Kevin Durant, NBA champion, and former MVP, has also announced his involvement as well! What this shows right now is that influencer marketing is the next catalyst to drive even more growth to this space. Be on the lookout for your favorite celebrity endorsing Bitcoin!

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