Mining for Bitcoin Now More Popular than Arms and Drug Dealing in Russia

Cryptocurrencies are breaking trends and records faster than any other technology in recent years! First, it started with disrupting currency when Satoshi first created Bitcoin back in 2009. It was so revolutionary at the time that nobody would imagine that it could take off. Who would imagine that one form of currency could change the way we define economics, consumerism, and fair trade?! And why would anyone want to place their hard earned money into a snippet of code? The lack of transparency, simplicity, and overall information caused so much skepticism that it only fueled the original advocates to take this idea further. What started with buying paper clips can now buy mansions, exotic cars, villas, and perhaps even an island! The possibilities are limitless, which is why this simple idea now has 100 of millions of followers who each day are building towards forming currencies and technology of their own increasing further growth and interest to the general public.

“Big Banks”

It wasn’t until central banks started to report on Bitcoin that the idea is powerful enough to collapse certain industries. And because of this thought, plenty of banks, including the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, began to viciously attack all Cryptocurrencies and stating many exaggerated and false claims using keywords like “unregulated, unstable, unpredictable”. But with recent news, it was reported that JP Morgan was hiring a position to study block chains, and now has been speculated to have executed “FUD” tactics to drive the price of BTC down and capitalize on price.


JP Morgan isn’t the only big fish involved in the interruption of Bitcoin. China now has a reputation for impacting price by stating very alarming releases like “banning all cryptocurrency” and has been documented at least 3x for using the same statement. China has been a huge role player to the price and popularity of BTC, for whenever it states that it will issue a ban, the prices and value drops in the hundreds and causes panic amongst avid traders, users, and advocates. But with its 3rd run in trying to ban cryptocurrency, how much more can we believe that China will actually execute this stance? We speculate that it’s yet another FUD tactic to lower the price for those to purchase knowing that BTC will bounce back in a matter of days. That’s making money at lightning speed.

The Latest Trend in BTC Will Shock You

What’s new (at least reported in Russia) is that “mining” Bitcoin is now becoming more popular than arms and drug trafficking! In 2017, a Russian media group interviewed advocates of the Cryptocurrency, and what was discovered was that mining for Bitcoin is now the most popular form of earning money and its expansive industry is revolutionizing Russia! Russia of all countries is now the biggest user of cryptocurrency, so much so that universities have now decided to teach collegiate classes on Bitcoin.

Russian Universities that teach Bitcoin:

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • National Research Higher School of Economics
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Moscow
  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Tomsk State University
  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations – MGIMO University

The average Retiree in Russia makes roughly 30-35k in Roubles a month, which isn’t a stable income by all means. 30-35 Roubles can barely afford monthly rent in St. Petersburg, and even worse afford food to feed the family. Worse, the economy of Russia hasn’t been performing up to standard since the early 2000s. This leaves many citizens of Russia to find many alternative ways of generating more income. Whether it’s opening a side business or actively trading, having 1-2 jobs in Russia is very normal in order to properly function in its expensive lifestyle. Many have chosen to use the internet as a means to generate income. In sites like Upwork or Fiverr, there are Russian freelancers who are masters at many skills including, translations, SEO work, article writing, bookkeeping, business plans, ios development, website creations, front/back-end work – practically the full gamut! But lately, many have adopted into mining for Bitcoin – and some have even reported of having 12,000% gains from their investment.

But wait, KIDS are doing it too!

That’s correct. Retirees have been reported to gift their kids’ technology to mine for Bitcoin. Some were as young as 11 years old, and have stated to have turned $12 into $2762 in a matter of months! Sources are stating that this trend is rapidly exploding in growth as more kids are focusing more of their efforts on acquiring technology than acquiring drugs or arms. The average drug dealer can make less than 100 Roubles per day, some even making less than Mcdonald’s employees! It’s no wonder we see ICOs announced every day and increased in monthly trading activity by 60%! We are huge supporters to hear this news and are equally excited to see that many are encouraging kids to join as well. What will be next?

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