Five Reasons Bitcoin is Redefining the Way Vegas Sportsbooks Do Business

5. All Bets are Interest-Free

No sportsbooks charge interest, or perhaps they do but just mask it as a fee or “juice”; nevertheless, your Bitcoin wallet can save you money overall. All transactions, while in Las Vegas (or anywhere in the world), will land on your credit card and stay there like a bad habit. If you pay off your balance before the monthly deadline, you are good to go. However, should you choose to take your time, that amount will increase in accordance with your credit or bank’s interest rate.

Bitcoin has none of the above. Aside from a minimal fee from some wallet sites (as mentioned), your money stays your money. You transfer, deposit and withdraw that exact amount each time.

These are five key reasons why online sportsbooks are choosing Bitcoin and phasing out the third party. Las Vegas has followed suit and has become pretty apparent that anyone walking into (or logging onto) a sportsbook should consider the same.

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